Тема: Recalibration of Eurosens Delta (improve precision on object)

This procedure serves to specify the sensor settings for the "problem" equipment or to improve the sensor settings for a certain consumption range.

Every flow meter is calibrated at factory in whole operation range (shown in passport). Calibration data are stored in flow meter
Some diesel engines have high flow rates in supply and return line and low fuel consumption. For example : Supply fuel rate 200 Liters/hour, return fuel rate - 197 Liters/hour and resulted fuel consumption is only 3 Liter/hour - during Idling.

In such cases precision of factory settings may be not enough. Adaptation for given engine is required.
You can modify calibration using this manual


Re: Recalibration of Eurosens Delta (improve precision on object)

What do you need for Eurosens Delta recalibration

1. Calibrated standard measuring tank of the 2nd precision class, 10 l
2. Any clean capacity X, 5L
3. 100 (250) ml capacity measuring flask of the 2nd class with a continuous scale
5. Computer
6. Transparent fuel hoses  - 2 pieces.

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Re: Recalibration of Eurosens Delta (improve precision on object)


1. Determine real flow rates in supply and return line during Idle, Nominal and Overload mode of operation.
Connect Notebook to Delta flow meter, open Delta Configurator and try to emulate this modes.

Run vehicle in various modes (idling mode - 1 min., nominal – 5 min., maximal load – 5 min.). The range of values for the different modes should be noted.

Received data:
Range of sampling (fuel consumption of engine)                         Flow in chambers : supply/return
Idling 2-8                                                                                      100  -110 / 98-102
Nominal 8-20                                                                              150 -170 / 142-150
Overload  20-70                                                                      200- 240 / 180-170

2. Change in the field "settings" the thresholds of modes:
Set differential mode (subtractive consumption):
          Idling 8
          Nominal 20 
          Overload 70 
   Set for the return and supply chamber:
              Idling 110 / 102
              Nominal 750 / 150
              Overload 240 / 180 
- Save the configuration.

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Re: Recalibration of Eurosens Delta (improve precision on object)

3. Make calibration measurements

Assembly calibration scheme  like shown here:

In EUROSENS DELTA USER CONFIGURATOR you should go to the field VALUES and record initial data from the column "Accumulated volume " Vstart  and initial time of measurement of T0 according to the graph.

Make control measurements in the 3 above mentioned modes.

1)  From the column "Speed of a return line flow" in the field VALUES of EUROSENS DELTA USER CONFIGURATOR you should determine an average fuel flow in the return line of DVreturn .
2) After each flow test the engine should be stopped (Not during the flow test) and the final values of the accumulated volume  Vend from the column "Accumulated volume" and final time of measurement Tend according to the schedule should be noted.
3) Thermal correction in the sensor has to be activated.
4) After each engine stop you should let the fuel rests in a measuring tank to cool down to the initial temperature.
5) After cooling down measure rest of fuel volume Vrest in the measuring tank by means of a measuring flask and calculate actually consumed fuel according to measuring tank.

Vmea= 10000 (10 liters ) - Vrest 
6) Calculate the volume of the consumed fuel according to the sensor
                      V cons = V end - V start
and measurement time, sec
          T= Tend - Tstart

7) With the help of Excel table "Calculation of DELTA coefficients " calculate correction coefficient for the return chamber. To do it you should:
    - enter the parameters DVreturn, Vmea , V cons, T in the table of the given software
    - all values should be entered to the 6th decimal place
   - from the column "correction coefficient" for return line copy the received value
  - insert this value in the field of EUROSENS DELTA USER CONFIGURATOR VALUE into the column "Setting of coefficients", column "Return line".

save configuration.

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Re: Recalibration of Eurosens Delta (improve precision on object)

Calibration is complete. Now you test Delta flowmeter with new calibration settings