Тема: How we protect Eurosens flow meter against intervention

In order to avoid cheating of flow sensor, its damage or blocking:
Delta models and Direct PN, RS has the following modes of protection against cheating acts of third parties:
1) The "Cheat" - protection against cheating in order to increase the counter of the fuel was consumed (eg purge air). Cheat usually leads to a sharp increase in fuel consumption exceeds the maximum. Electronic circuit board flow sensor detects inflated costs, while suspended operation of the meter and fuel consumption meter is activated, "Cheat", which records the amount of fuel passing through the flow sensor at high speed.
Exiting the "Cheat" is automatically a few seconds after the normalization of conditions of work flow sensor.
2) The "intervention" - When exposed to an external magnetic field, the flow sensor detects an attempt to interfere, with the result that the actual sensor is operating normally and the exposure time is taken into account in a special counter "Intervention time."
Exiting the "Intervention" is automatically a few seconds after the end of attempts to influence.
3) Sealing of connections - supplied by JSC Mechatronics mounting accessories (fuel connectors, clamps, etc.) have holes  for sealing, which allows to determine the facts of unauthorized interference in the fuel system after the installation of the flow sensor

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