Тема: Why Eurosens Dominator sensor is a most economical fuel level sensor

AVL tracking systems is an important tool of increasing fleet efficiency. One of key components of AVL tracking system is fuel consumption monitoring subsystem, which provides to owner comprehensive information about real fuel consumption.

The implemented technical solutions to enterprises of fuel consumption monitoring control depends from a  local provider of GPS tracking installation and services. Local provider carry out equipment installation and assist a customer to integrate GPS tracking system in business. GPS tracking services market has a big competition now and providers must  provide quality service at an affordable price, or leave the market.

Important point : Many customers think that GPS tracking system with fuel monitoring subsystem cost consist from 2 values:
1.    Price of components and installation (one-time buy or lease)
2.    Monthly fee payment for GPS tracking services.

It is a usual scheme in GPS tracking business, may be have some features sometimes but mostly like this.

But it is not all cost factors, at least when we talk about fuel consumption monitoring. When buyer expects that the system will work for 6-10 years – very important cost is system maintenance. Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensor was designed  on the basis of the problem to minimize the total cost of acquisition and maintenance over the life cycle. To be cheaper than China – it is a possible.

1. The cost of a fuel level sensor replacement on-site (driving 400 km away from your office) can exceed the cost of the sensor. If sensor was damaged during inappropriate use it can be compensated by fleet owner.  But someday he will be tired from it. 

Solution: The modular design of the fuel level sensor and byonette quick-mount allows you to make easy remote diagnosis. Than GPS tracking provider can send new sensor head to customer and he will be able to replace it in 5 minutes. Broken sensor head can be examined later in office. This procedure excludes staff driving to site - most costly part of fuel monitoring system maintenance.

2. Fuel level sensor replacement for most models of sensors (in which the electrodes are not detachable from the sensor head) is required to carry out re-calibration of the fuel tank. As a result, the procedure takes at least an hour. Accumulated cost of pause in operation of customer vehicle (sometimes very expensive vehicle) may exceed the value of the fuel level sensor.
Solution :  After replacing  of sensor head is not required to carry out recalibration of the tank – because sensor electrodes still the same.

3. When GPS tracking provider reinstall the GPS tracking system equipment from one vehicle to another is it often required to buy a new fuel level sensor because the old sensor is cutted  to a shorter length.. Accumulated cutted short sensors can not be used again.
Solution : Customer can buy cheap new electrodes for Eurosens Dominator.

4. After several years of operation is very frequent damage of the fuel level sensor is damaged cables at their entry into the sensor head. Sensor replacement is required.
Solution : At the sensors Eurosens Dominator connector is located directly in the sensor head. Only cable can be damaged, which cost significantly less than the sensor.

5. After several years of operation some dirt can be cluttered inside sensor electrodes and affect to sensor operation. Usual sensors have dismountable design and customer can’t clean electrodes inside.
Solution : Eurosens Dominator electrodes can be cleaned even by your customer. Easy disassembling.

6. Driver can create voltage peaks up to 100V in onbord power supply.
Solution : Eurosens Dominator has an unique strong protection circuit. Sensor can be powered by voltage 170 Volt max.

7. When customer replaces a sensor with usual screw mounting – screw installation in same holes becomes worse.
Solution : Replacing of sensor is fast, no need to screw again. New sensor is fixed and sealed in a byonette mount.

Cost of Eurosens Dominator manufacturing is bigger than usual sensors but Eurosens – it is a new brand. So, Eurosens Dominator pricing is lower than well-known Omnicomm sensors, and lower even than such manufacturers as Epsilon or Technoton. Only China fuel level sensors is cheaper. 

But  during operation life of sensor total  (buy and servicing) cost of Eurosens Dominator will be lower.

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Re: Why Eurosens Dominator sensor is a most economical fuel level sensor


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