Тема: Neomatica ADM 100 GPS/GLONASS GSM tracker

Neomatica ADM100

AVL GPS / GSM tracker with a variety of interfaces: RS485, analog and digital inputs. Great cooperation with fuel level sensors

ADM100 gps tracker is intended for installation on a vehicle as the additional device, registering the vehicle location, its speed, and movement direction.
In addition some other vehicle parameters are registered, such as: conditions of analog inputs, discrete inputs and indication of sensors. Also terminal allows to implement management of the external equipment by controls of a discrete exit, using commands on GPRS or over SMS. All events and the conditions registred by the terminal, remain in non-volatile memory.
The saved-up data is transferred through a network of mobile network operator of the GSM 850/900/1800/1900 standard by means of technology of a GPRS packet data transmission to the allocated server with the static IP address or a domain name from which can be received through the Internet for the further analysis and processing on terminal stations of dispatchers.
Also terminal allows to establish voice connection automatically. By an incoming call the terminal automatically answers it and establishes voice connection, thus, gives the possibility to talk with the driver, or, for example, to listen that occurs in vehicle interior. For realization of this function it is necessary to connect a headset and a microphone to the terminal.
Setup of the terminal is performed via the USB interface, or remotely, by means of commands through the SMS or GPRS.
For ensuring safety of data at switching off of an external power and GSM network loss, the terminal has internal non-volatile memory and (Optional) the internal storage battery, for autonomous work. Operating time of a completely charged accumulator is 4 hours in a full-function mode and in addition 3 hours in a data saving mode, but can change depending on a GSM network condition. Data transmission is possible only in the presence of a GSM network of the GSM 850/900/1800/1900 standard with a packet transmission of data (GPRS) supporting service.


- Sensitivity of GLONASS/GPS of the receiver: - 165dBm.
- Number of GLONASS/GPS channels of the receiver: 132.
- Accuracy of determination of coordinates, 95 % of time, not worse: 3m.
- Communication standard:
         GSM 850/900/1800/1900.
         GPRS Multi-slot Class 12.
- GSM transmitter output: 2W.
- Number of SIM cards: 1.
- Quantity of analog inputs: 2.
- Quantity of pulse inputs: 2.
- Quantity of outputs of «open collector» type: 1.
- RS485 interface: 1.
- Accelerometer type: digital, three-axial.
- The socket for headset JACK 3.5mm: 2.
- Storage battery: Li-Ion 1100mA.
- Card slot of memory of MicroSD: 1. (optional)
- Number of kept records about a route:
         when using internal memory: 30000;
         when using a memory card of microSD: 8000000 on each Gb of memory.
- Connectiom interface with the PC: USB.
- Operation temperature:
         without the storage battery:-40. +85°C.
         with the storage battery:-40. +60°C.
- Supply voltage: +8. +40V not stabilized direct current.
- A consumed current (at supply voltage 12V):
         the maximum: 250mA.
         average: 100mA.
- Overall dimensions: 90x60x32mm.
- Weight, not more than: 125g.

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