Тема: Temperature stability of the Dominator fuel level sensor

We tried to see temperature stability of Eurosens Dominator constant level data during rapid heating from frozed state to hot condition.

We leave Dominator RS head at deep freeze chamber of the fridge for 18 hours. And then we heated it by industrial dryer.

At this video you can see how Detector value and temperature value of electronic board are changing during experiment.

Detector - internal value, not passed from digital processing altorythms.

Start detector value (-30 Celsius) at the beginning of the experiment : 3318
Maximum detector value during experiment : 3322
Minimum detector value during experiment : 3302 (+29 Celsius)
After video was stopped the sensor was still connected to PC. And we have a full plot
Dominator temperature

Hot casing still transfer heat to the electronic board at 10 minutes. And last temperature of board : 36 Celsius.
But detector values not excess values mentioned above.

So, maximum change of detector value during experiment (from -30 to +36) is 20 (3322-3302).

How big this value?
For 500 mm sensor, this detector value will change from EMPTY to FULL value approximately by 3000.
For 700 mm : 4500
For 1000 mm  : 6000

So, temperature error of sensor itself is less than 0.7% (at range from -30 to +36 degrees).

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