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Тема: Operation principle of Eurosens flow meters

The principle of Eurosens flow meter operation is based on measurement of fuel volume that passes through its measuring chamber. Because of the pressure of the fuel coming to the measuring chamber through the inlet fitting the ring slides along the inner surface of the chamber and along the jumper at the same time. The ring pushes the fluid inside and outside itself out to the outlet fitting.

Eurosens rotary piston

Volume of fluid equal to the inner volume of the measuring chamber is pushed out during the full single turn of the ring. Eurosens electronics generates one output impulse at the same time.
The flow sensor measures the amount of fuel flowing through the measuring chamber. Pressurized fluid entering through the inlet nozzle flow sensor in the inlet of the measuring chamber, the piston slides along the inner surface of the chamber and simultaneously slides along the jumper. The piston displaces fluid enclosed in it inside and outside of the piston chamber through its outlet to the outlet port.
The enclosure provides the orientation of the axes of rotation of the cover pin with the magnets and the hub of the piston, thanks to the number of dimensions of the cover and the housing which provides the optimum rotation of the ring chamber.
During one revolution of the piston displaced by the volume of liquid equal to the volume chamber. In this case, the electronic position sensors generate pulses as the turnover of the piston, which are transmitted to the electronic control unit for the selected interface.

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