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...and special machinery

GPS tracking systems with fuel consumption monitoring are widely used nowadays and sure can be named as effective innovations
Our experience main requirements for fuel consumption monitoring solutions:
1.    Reliability : fuel monitoring system must work 24h/day without bugs 
2.    Confidence : Results of fuel monitoring (reports) must be clear and provide proven data for customer.

Most of GPS tracking providers offer fuel level monitoring option – with installed fuel level sensor in the fuel tank or CAN Bus data.
We think that there must be a selective approach.

Nuances of fuel monitoring systems on agriculture tractors and special machinery:

A. Fuel tanks have irregular, non-symmetric  shape
А.1  Fuel tank of Amkodor loader

amkodor fuel tank


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А.2 Fuel tank of Belarus 1221 tractor

mtz fuel tank

To install fuel level sensors at Belaruz 1221 tractor you must de-install cab and put 2 fuel level sensors, single sensor is not enough.


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А.3  Fuel tank of  John Deere tractor
john deere tank


Re: Fuel consumption monitoring on agriculture vehicles...

And as result at these tractors you will receive data like this:

fuel level

Confidence provided by fuel monitoring system is very important for the owner. When we fight against fuel thefts we must reach an authority of system among drivers and other personnel. Authority can be low if system can be hacked or become not reliable. Even worse if you based at incorrect (or unclear data) will ban innocent driver.
As you can see from fuel level data chart (above) we can’t see small fuel thefts from fuel tank directly, and expecially  drains from return fuel line.

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B. Intensive use of vehicles. Big fuel consumption.

When a driver can steal fuel  in small quantities (<5%)  in powerful engines with large fuel consumption,  with daily use  you can have losses of 100 liters of fuel per month.

C. At usual truck you can predict fuel consumption per 100km from your experience. At agriculture tractors and special machinery you are really don’t know real fuel consumption, because it depends from many factors, for example for tractor:
•    Time of engine operation
•    Soil condition
•    Speed of plowing
•    Tilling depth
If your driver wants to save some fuel for own use he can make overspeeding during plowing or decrease of tilling depth. It can be resulted in more losses than fuel theft cost.
But you can see all these tricks at instant fuel consumption rate chart of your GPS tracking system.

Instant fuel consumption data chart can be build only based on fuel flow meter data.
Formally, you can use data from fuel level sensor but due to data averaging ( 1- 10 minutes averaging constant) it is very hard to use these data for analysis.

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Re: Fuel consumption monitoring on agriculture vehicles...

That’s why we recommend to use differential fuel flow meters Eurosens Delta in cases when
1.    Fuel consumption per month on this vehicle (tractor, special machinery) is more than 1000 liters.
2.    Fuel tanks have irregular shape
3.    You are really interested in precise fuel consumption measurement and fuel thefts prevention.

Eurosens Delta RS250Eurosens Delta RS500

Eurosens Delta advantages.

1. Simplicity of installation. Eurosens Delta measures fuel rate at 2 lines : supply and return flow. Fuel consumption is calculated inside flow meter based on this data. You can install this flow meter by yourself, only basic experience in diesel fuel system design is needed.

Delta installation
Esquema de instalación Eurosens Delta en cualquier motor diesel

2. You can install Eurosens Delta on any  kind of diesel vehicle. Tank shape, specific of operation doesn’t influence the result.

3.  Precise results. Error compared to real fuel consumption is 1-3%. Unlike fuel level data, flowmeter provide results, that you can use with confidence without analytics. It is simple engine fuel consumption in liters. With fuel level sensors sometimes you will have to investigate fuel level data, because in GPS tracking reports always will be several “fake” refuelings and fuel thefts (expecially on tanks with irregular shape).

What is not mentioned when you buy GPS tracking system with fuel level sensor and supplier telling you about 1% error.

3.1    Temperature expansion of fuel is 0.7% per every 10 degrees. Temperature of fuel in tank can differ in 30 degrees approximately.
3.2    Fuel level sensor data depends on fuel properties.

4.  Though GPS tracking system is very useful, you can save some money and use only fuel flow meter with display.

5. Unlike fuel level sensors  you can re-install Eurosens Delta fuel flowmeter on other vehicle without any calibrations. Eurosens Delta doesn’t require any settings after installation.

6. If your GPS tracking system supports instant fuel flow rate data chart – you can diagnose fuel system based on this data. You can also compare drivers instant fuel consumption rate at different operations and develop economic style of operation.